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Abi Eleri

Growing up in rural North Wales, Abi Eleri has always had a close connection to nature and the landscape. She has had a love affair with mountains from a young age, and she used to wander the beaches of Snowdonia collecting shells for her display at home. Were you to ask Abi at 8 years old what she was going to become - “An International Shell Collector”… and this still rings true. Abi got into scuba diving at 16 years old completing her PADI courses, and she has never looked back.

Abi’s love of creation shows in her watercolour paintings. She expresses the grandeur of creatures and their homes, but doesn’t neglect on the details. Expect to see the beautiful ebbs and flow of watercolour paints, met by tight line and fine detail. Balance is a theme through Abi’s work, reflecting the fragility of the world we live in. Let’s protect life.

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