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Adam Hedley

Adam’s amorphic and free-form compositions operate in a space between nature, figuration and abstraction. Building up colour washes and dry brushed layers, Adam works with traces of an image, the perception of physical forms, and a pushing and pulling between one place and time and another. His paintings’ textured and blurry surfaces suggest a slow methodical approach and conjure up a spiritual and meditative practice engaged with reality, fragments of history, memory, ancient practice and reimagined spaces.


“I often think about how visual clues and symbols allude to certain environments. Our tendency to see the familiar in ambiguous shapes and forms stirs our memory, creating things unseen and unknown through perception and reasoning.”

With a commitment to developing inclusive and collaborative approaches to art making, and audience and community engagement, Adam Co-founded and worked with Caraboo Projects in Bristol between 2018 and 2022. He continues to involve himself in a vibrant painting community, advocating for experimentation, and the development of self-organised and cross disciplinary art exhibitions and events in Bristol.

Adam has exhibited in the UK, Europe and the US, with exhibitions at Galleri Urbane, Demoni Danzanti, Sid Motion Gallery, Kristian Day Projects, Transition Gallery, Terrace Gallery, Kingsgate Project Space, Trade Gallery The ARB at The University of Cambridge. In 2022 he presented works at the London Art Fair with Blue Shop Cottage, and at Dallas Art Fair and Intersect Art Fair, Palm Springs with Galleri Urbane.

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