Anne Deeming

Anne Deeming. R1. Foreign Bodies - 2016

Since graduating with an MA Fine Art from Bath School of Art and Design in 2012 my work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Recently I have been working on temporary site-specific public realm commissions, bringing the work out of the gallery, into the built environment and our daily lives.
I am an Associate Lecturer at BSAD and live and work in Bristol.

The objects I design and make look familiar and usable in some way – and yet are not. They exist as amalgamations of everyday utilitarian objects with features that can trigger multiple associations with something you have used or seen before. They explore the areas of slippage between the familiar and foreign, domestic and industrial, the useful and useless. The works’ manufacture often suggests a contradictory notion of being both hand crafted and yet mass produced. As objects of desire; neither functional nor purely ornament, they encompass much about craft, time, and the ambiguity of things. They take their place in the world, relating to everyday life and the experiences of living, in this time and place.