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Dallas Collins

Dallas Collins 'Belling Handy Eater'

Dallas studied sculpture at the Royal Collage of Art from 1999-2001 and taught sculpture in Chelsea, London, Bristol and Cardiff. He’s had numerous exhibitions and shows throughout the UK and abroad and in 2016, joined the Royal West of England Academy Bristol as a network artist. In 2018 he was selected as an Academician, council member and on the Board of trustees.

Dallas Collins BV Studio.jpg

Art, science and engineering has been a focal point for most of Dallas’ work. Incorporating building materials with found objects, has enabled him to see the beauty in objects that still hold onto the former functionality, essence or energy. Transforming these objects into bronze or alternative materials has helped him challenge the concept of time and the order and disorder that’s weaved within it. “There is something beautiful about the exploration that takes place in an art studio and the methodical and intentional exploration that science has; we all have common interests and different approaches in discovering its true nature and my art continually tries to follows these paths.”

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