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David Morgan-Davies

David Morgan-Davies_transmission.jpg

I use photography and film to explore ideas about a landscape or environments I have a personal connection with. Often investigating what isn’t there, just as much as what is, I follow a ‘less is more’ approach that hints at human activity. Since completing an MA in Interactive Media in 2006 and a one-year fellowship at the University of the West of England (UWE), I have shown my work throughout the UK. In the Spring of 2020 I was part of Shuterhub’s ‘Post cards from Great Britain’ project in Haarlem in the Netherlands, and recently had a solo show ‘Another Surface’ at Gallery at Home near Usk.

I try not to be particularly precious about the technology I use or the medium I work with. I like to mix black and white with colour, analogue with digital and to experiment with collage and printing techniques.

A unifying factor between my more traditional landscapes and my work using abstraction, collage and the constructed image is the desire to turn both analogue and digital images into objects for the wall.

David Morgan-Davies_portrait.jpg
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