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Mahika Kala

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MAHIKA KALA is a clothing brand born from a love of craft; the connection between human and object making. We want to celebrate ancient craft techniques that still live harmoniously between human hands and the Earth. 


Most of our pieces are created in India by artisans. All of our pieces are made using natural plant dyes on plant fibres; linen and khadi, and every item is hand printed using techniques developed over numerous generations.  Some pieces are also created in Bristol, UK from a small home studio, hand dyed and using only plant fibres. 


Our collections are trans-seasonal which enables us to stick closely to our ethos of not over-producing. Our team remains very small and we are not trying to simply ‘grow’ if it is detrimental to our Earth. At the core, we want to sit as harmoniously as possible with our planet, in a constant collaboration with Mother Earth. This does not mean we don’t have space to improve as our journey is one of consistent learning. 

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