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Amanda Chambers

Amanda Chambers 'Akai Mori' (Red Forest)

Amanda Chambers is a multi-disciplinary fine artist with a special interest in sculpture. Her work has been exhibited and published in the UK and around the world, notably in Japan where she has regularly undertaken residencies, exhibitions and commissions. She is a member of the Royal Society of Scuptors and an Academician at the Royal West of England Academy.

Amanda Chambers profile.jpg

My work primarily considers our relationship to the past. I place particular emphasis on proximity, and how the use of handmade processes (often invented, traditional or low tech) creates an intimacy between the historical subject and the viewer. In this way I give physical form to the assertion by the author Hilary Mantel that, 'the past is not behind us, it is alongside'. Subjects may often revolve around cycles of conflict, with an additional interest in revealing lost, obscure or socio- political narratives. Since visiting Japan I have become more interested in our relationship to the natural world.

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