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Caroline Watson


Inspired by memory, dreams and childhood and coloured by an interest in history, folklore and science, my work explores imagination and takes me on a journey into the infinite world and weird spaces of the psyche. By presenting scenarios of distilled conglomerate versions of such spaces, I use dream logic and attempt to capture something of the emotive and transient qualities experienced on this adventure.

My recent work employs a visual language informed by the world of puppets. This language has an uncanny theatricality, which chimes well with the strange and symbolic manifestations of subconscious thought. Prompted by a dream, the puppets have become fragmented, their parts being jumbled. Akin to memory, there is an element of composting and recycling.

I have a strong compulsion to hoard waste materials, especially broken pieces of furniture, wood and old fabrics and to grow something new from them. The addition of 3D and photography to my practice, increases the opportunity to work organically and playfully; using external objects made as props, to create a game of making, adding, subtracting, recording, recycling and remaking.

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