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Helen Acklam

Helen 90 x 110 cms flash.jpg

I live and work in Bristol and since a return to a full-time art practice in 2012, (MA Fine Art, University of Brighton), I have participated in exhibitions, collaborations and residencies in London, Brighton and Bristol, and this year will be exhibiting at Durden & Ray, Los Angeles.

My work relates to my personal life and experiences and alludes to themes concerning the body, nature, identity and the human condition. The processes always include the construction and destruction of layers, which allow me to expose and hide and build something new and unexpected.

My practice incorporates sculpture, casting, video, photography, and drawing; currently, my focus is on painting and mixed media works that intersect painting with sculpture and installation. Alongside my practice I’m actively engaged in creating opportunities for artists to work together in Bristol. In 2016 I launched The Unit, a temporary gallery project in a disused shop unit, and in 2019 set up The Garage, a permanent residency space for collaboration, workshops and experimentation.

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