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Joe Warrior-Walker

Joe Warrior-Walker, Whale-juice and Moonshine, 160x120cm, oil, acrylic and pastel on canva

Born 1989 Joe Warrior-Walker grew up in St Ives Cornwall. Much of his childhood was spent travelling across India where his Mother originated. In 2009 Joe moved to London to study Fine Art at The Chelsea School of Art. He then went on to complete a Masters Degree at UEA London and has continued to produce work and exhibit across the UK and overseas. Joe currently lives and works in Bristol. My work explores an abstract translation of urban and rural environments. Focusing on movement and journey through physical and mental space. I aim to retain traces of something tangible, while reducing the picture to a level that oscillates between abstraction and figuration. Much of my childhood was split between Cornwall and India. The work reflects my personal memory of these landscapes, and the cultural impact they have had. These social memories run together with an interpretation of my current surroundings.

The paintings are not a direct depiction, but rather an accumulation of different elements, stitched together to create a pictorial environment. I try to capture the way in which I interact with the physical world and translate this interaction into the navigation of the painting.

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