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Kathy Hinde


Kathy Hinde has toured her work across Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand. Awards include an Ivor Novello Award for Sound Art 2020, an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2015, a British Composer Award in Sonic Art 2017, an ORAM award 2017, a Scottish Award for New Music 2018 for Collaboration with Maja Ratkje. Kathy joined the Cryptic Artist programme in 2015, was a selected artist for European SHAPE Platform for innovative music and audiovisual art in 2018, is a member of Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF), a fellow at South West Creative Technology Network and a resident at the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol.


Kathy Hinde is an audiovisual artist whose practice embraces open methods and evolving processes. Through installations, performances and site specific experiences, she aims to nurture a deeper and more embodied connection with other species and the earth’s systems. Composed of hand-made objects, electronics and a blend of digital and analogue systems, her work represents a cross between kinetic sound sculptures and newly invented musical instruments. She frequently works in collaboration with other practitioners and scientists and often actively involves the audience in the creative process.


Press quote:“Hinde’s work is full of intellectual heft and ecological concern without ever coming across as cold or inaccessible.” Colm McAuliffe, The Quietus, on Phase Transition at Sonica, Glasgow, 2017.

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