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Nikki Allford

Nikki Allford graduated with a Degree in Ceramics from Bath Spa. She exhibits Internationally and Nationally.
Recent exhibitions (2018-2021 include)
HYB4, Prague. Ovalo ,Mexico City. Carafa Prison Gallery and Koniaren Gallery, Slovakia, Zverev Contemporary Arts Centre ,Moscow.

London- Crypt Gallery ,St Pancras Church. Safehouse 1 and 2, (two derelict Victorian houses) Peckham. Lewisham Project Space. Old Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey. Great Gifford St Hostel.

Solo show 'Sea of Sighs' at Cleveland Pools , Bath , responding to the melancholic beauty of the derelict site. Site specific Installations for Wells Cathedral, The Tapestry, Liverpool and for the suspended glass ceiling at the Thought Foundation , Newcastle.

Nikki Allford portrait.jpg
Nikki Allford.jpg

As a Maker and Installation artist , my practice involves time consuming processes, with an obsessional attention to detail.I often work with everyday materials and respond directly to the context of a space.I manipulate and push the possibilities of my chosen materials with a twist that injects the familiar with new insight and unsettling expectations. The Installations have a presence that disrupts a space, as I continuously search for new ways of inhabiting a place while making connections between the past and the present.

I am interested in the way repetitive actions can result in the formation of a work. Structures are built from the accumulation of lines and tape . The resultant pieces can be read as abstract, or as hinting at other qualities - perhaps reminiscent of the innards of the body, pools of blood or water, feathers, skins or organic plant growth.
Tape rolls are often left in situ. This simple gesture contextualises the forms so that the materiality of the piece-the very products it is made from- are clearly referenced.

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