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Ruth Broadway

RUTH BROADWAY artwork.jpg

My work captures things at the cusp of change – a moon, a moth, the tide. Using the physical acts of stitching, binding, folding, printing, collecting & preserving to tether the ephemeral, I try to use the ritual of daily noticing, recording and making to foster mindfulness and appreciation of the quiet transformation happening around us. Inspired by traditional folk craft, I embrace the prosaic nature of these techniques to create work that becomes love-letters to the passing of time, transformation and the fragility of life. My work is a walk through the [deep dark] woods even when you find yourself in the city. I like to discover forgotten and disregarded things; a moulted feather, a lip-stick blot, fingerprints on a mirror. To me these found things that have been cast off either unnoticed or because of their insignificance, become an opportunity to tenderly work subtle interventions and try and tell their stories. My work is influenced by nature and the marks we leave behind and trying to preserve both. I find myself constantly trying to straddle the gap between human control and ordering of data, formation and display and letting nature, the elements, life cycles and time take the lead – adapting my materials according, and in response to, a situation or object as I find it. I want to be able to retain and catch a transient moment, thing or memory and hold it forever; preserving it in some form; solidifying something that barely exists. Saving or documenting it before it’s lost forever.

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