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Stewart Geddes


Stewart Geddes is a painter and curator.  He shows with Brownsword Hepworth, London, and is currently planning a solo exhibition

​'Un-Seeking the Captive' at Andelli Art, Wells, for June 2021.  The catalogue statement says:

"I have never felt more gratitude toward my work than during these last 15 months. Despite the limited horizons of several lockdowns, the short daily journey to the studio stimulated far greater journeys of the imagination and intellect through the medium of paint. 
At times I've imagined something akin to an audience looking over my shoulder in the studio, wincing and cheering at different moments. But, to paraphrase Philip Guston, I've had to try to paint them out of the room, and then finally, to paint myself out of it too – only then could something surprising begin to happen.
Painting has never felt more urgent to me. For me, creativity is a fundamentally optimistic activity, and (during these testing times) to have painting in one's life has been a gift.

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